1. Use the application economy

If you want to meet the immediate financial need, the app economy  is right for you.

Uber or Lift: If you're in a place where you can find one of Uber or Loft, or one of many competitors from around the world, like a sister in China, then the hours are flexible and you can work when you fit. Even if you currently have a full-time job, you can do it full but want to earn a little.

Postmates: To earn money from this application, you do not need a car in some places. In some major parks like Manhattan, the bike is enough.

IBOTA: Earn cash-back return by purchasing products provided by major retailers. Take a photo of your receipt, just add a discount, make a purchase, and then get your money back. Simple and Effective

Function Rabbit: Another simple and direct application to get a bit page is a Task Rabbit Application. This can be anything from general repairs to a more comprehensive venture. The application carefully considers each service provider to ensure the highest quality. This is a great way to earn extra income.

Ebates: This app provides an easy way to make money by purchasing what you buy and then getting cash back rewards. Do not slip scans with ibates. Simply click the link in the app and buy it in the store. By receiving email confirmation, you will automatically receive your cash awards on the purchase.

Swagbucks: With swwboxes, there are many ways to make money. You can buy online, watch videos, take surveys, and surf the web. This app gives you money and gift cards for your efforts.

Upcoming Dollars: You can use other inboxes for apps to earn money. This pays when you watch TV, survey and buy. Here are cash deals, and this is similar to some other apps in this area.

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2. Use existing websites

You can also use existing websites to earn money. It includes both active and passive income. For example, you can sell used items or invest in a digital design that can then be sold on the product. Again dedicate your countless time to passive income, so that you can gradually generate the revenue generated by the autopilot without any extra effort.

Of course, many of these sites have their own apps. However, this Gog is certainly low in the economy and in long-term projects existing in photography, online marketing, graphic design and web development, for example.

Craigslist: This site is the one source intended to earn some money for more than a decade. You can sell easily used items, rent an extra room in your home or your apartment, and provide services to the world.

The above work: This website offers a great market for sale through any professional service. You do not need a business account, your own website or anything else. You will be able to provide quality service at reasonable prices. But be careful, you will have to compete with many others who constantly offer vacancies.

Cafe Press: On this website, you can create a digital design which can be sold on later platforms. You will get a commission for what you sell and you will never have to struggle with logistics such as resistance, warehousing and customer service. If you have graphic design skills, this is a potential source for your web-based income.

Fever: Israel-based Fever was founded in 2010 by Shawl Winninger and Mika Kauffham. You can offer up to $ 5 gig, but a lot of money can be paid for upgrades and add-ons.

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